Do you use shorthand PHP scripting blocks?

We recently started working on a new php based project that was originally built by a 3rd party development group. Once we moved the site to our standard development environment to begin coding we found that some parts of the site would not run. After checking  settings and confirming the associated database was working and connected, we discovered that some areas of the site used shorthand php scripting blocks,  generallythis is not a great idea if you want your site to be portable.

//This shorthand code
<?= $var; ?>

//does the same thing as this:
<?php echo $var; ?>

Settings in the php.ini control how PHP interprets your scripts and this can vary from server to server  leading to unexpected behavior when moving your application to a new environment.   PHP shorthand can be enabled at the server level by editing your php.ini file and setting the  short_open_tag directive.


You can find more details on the site.